I am a descendant of Russian-Jewish ancestry. My family moved to the north side of Chicago from Riga, Latvia in 1988 when the Soviet Union was still in existence. I was born in Italy, but I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. In 2015, I graduated with an MFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I developed a simple visual solution to help travelers understand others and express themselves anywhere in the world. I enjoy working in all areas of design, especially UI/UX design, logo development, motion design, and branding. Outside of my career, I like to travel, paint, and volunteer my time with differently-abled artists. I currently live in Bucktown, Chicago with my English Bulldog, Chaplin. 



UI/UX Design


Sustainable In-Store Packaging

Select a company that has its own store. Design an in-store package that is functional not only for the product it contains, but which can be re-used for other needs.

I designed a functional and sustainable package for Oakley, the company that manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle products. This package can be used for packaging everything Oakley sells, from clothes to sunglasses. It can be used as a case or a bag for many other items as well. I designed the package using attractive and reverberating colors, with the Oakley logo represented as a main design theme. In addition, I designed an advertising poster and a postcard to help promote the new package.